Sex & Ayurveda | Ayurveda is the most commonly and widely practiced health care system in India

Ayurveda explains Sex is important for a healthy living. It is a process bestowed on all living things by nature to keep the mind and body in good rhythm and sound health. It is not only for pleasure but also required for fertilization and keep the family growing. The ancient texts and Vedas elaborated importance of sex to man. To make sex enjoyable, both the partners should be mentally, physically, emotionally and psychologically well balanced. Any imbalance will result in unsatisfied and distressed sex.

According to ayurveda, body constitution also influences a person’s ability to perform better sex. Ayurveda describes 3 different types of Doshas (constitutions) viz. Vata, Pitta & Kapha related to human body character. Each person is covered by one of these Doshas. So also the structure of every living thing is comprised of 5 elements present in the universe such as Air, Water, Fire, Earth and Space in a balanced manner. The imbalance of these will result in health problem and in turn makes a person sexually weak.

Hence a well balanced metabolism is very important. Certain diseases and deficiencies can also make a person infertile/impotent or sexually weak. Good Health, favourable environment, positive approach and suitable ambience will make sex more enjoyable.